The upper structure of the new series has been completely redesigned. While the wheelbase and mast geometry remain the same, the center of mass and fuel tank have been moved backwards, allowing for a better redistribution of weight and stability. In addition, this new configuration reduces the loads applied to the lower structure while increasing the operator’s comfort. The new tank includes a strainer in the filling cap and one in the fuel suction line. An inspection hatch and a valve to drain the tank were added.

In the new B-Series, the front roof has been raised, increasing the operator’s view to 72 degrees. The cabin is soundproofed and insulated, equipped with a multi-adjustable air suspension seat, high capacity HVAC system and radio / CD / Sirius player and USB port.



The main block is the central point of all the hydraulic functions of the machine. The new Linde block offers the integrated system of the 8 main valves as well as the solenoid valves. This new block directly controls the pressure and also allowed the reduction of connections and hoses. The integration of this new block allowed reconfiguring the positioning: the block is now positioned higher which allows increasing the space between the block and the rotation unit.


This revolutionary system uses water to extinguish fires. Millions of water particles are projected at the source of the fire in a conic shape. This system works even if the machine is overturned, making it a 100% safe fire protection system.


Through the hood, access to the diesel engine is possible from two sides. Once opened, the hood turns into a platform for component service. All filtration systems are accessible for cartridge replacement. Easy access to
batteries when needed.



One of the key features of the B-Series is the new FRS system. Tested in real working conditions, it can withstand any kind of demands.

The system is just one clic of a button away: the side keyboard allows to turn the system on and off. Its design allows any operator, either a beginner or a highly qualified professional, to customize the functions to fit his type of operation.

Moreover, the smoothness and synchronism of operation tremendously improves the productivity and reduces the operator fatigue as much.







  • Diesel Reservoir - 1 135 L / 300 gal US
  • Hydraulic Reservoir - 284 L / 75 gal US
  • DEF Reservoir - 113 L / 30 gal US
  • Interchangeable hydraulic cylinders - 125 mm / 57’’
  • Optional cylinders - 135 mm / 63’’
  • FB26 - 7 012 kg / 15 428 lbs
  • FB28 - 7 602 kg / 16 761 lbs
  • Overall track length - 5 194 mm / 205”
  • Overall height - 3 454 mm / 137”
  • Tail swing (from swing center) - 2 546 mm / 100”
  • Upper structure overall length - 4 480 mm / 177’’
  • Traction overall width - 3 441 mm / 136’’
  • Track width - 711 mm / 28’’
  • Tail swing (from swing center) - 753 mm / 69’’
  • Upper structure overall width - 3 416 mm / 135’’
  • Track height - 1 220 mm / 48’’
  • Minimum ground clearance - 870 mm / 34”
  • D6 weight - 32 480 kg / 71 456 lbs
  • D7 weight - 33 398 kg / 73 475 lbs