Powerful, reliable and multifunctional ELTEC Series

ELTEC heavy-duty tracked feller-buncher is designed and purpose-built to deliver high productivity, consistent with the demands of a 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week final felling application.

ELTEC machines are powered by Tier 4 Interim QSL9 CUMMINS engine (a leader in the industry which is highly fuel efficient) and an enhanced hydraulic system adapted for all kind of forestry operations. ELTEC feller-bunchers have all technical features to meet customers’ needs and are very performing under any meteorological conditions.

ELTEC machines are also available in a harvester complete configuration equipped with a long-reach harvester boom and arm and a dedicated hydraulic system.
Operator comfort and safety are key highlights of this feller-buncher as it features the newly designed, extremely operator friendly ELTEC cab.

ELTEC cab is certified under ROPS – FOPS – OPS regulation. With three emergency exits, the left side door, the rear glass and the roof glass, the operator is working in a safe cabin. Cab is assembled on eight rubber mounts reducing tremendously engine vibrations. Radio and CD player remote control is included.

ELTEC machines are equipped with PLUS ONE vehicle electronic controls by SAUER DANFOSS. With all functions programmable, the configurations are unlimited and adaptable for any operator.

Entirely made in Quebec, ELTEC log loaders have been designed to simplify the daily work of loggers. ELTEC log loaders combine advanced technical features and flexibility. These powerful machines provide uncompromising hi-level service.

ELTEC machines are produced in 3 Series: 220, 270 and 310