Technologies Element PSW Inc. is the 5th company founded by the Element Group . In 2011, PSW Element Technologies Inc., chaired by Patrick Element, buys Volvo’s harvester division and starts manufacturing forestry machinery. Previously, harvesters were produced in Korea, but now the 3 ELTEC harvesters’ series are manufactured in Val-d’Or.  The project is realized in 21,000 square feet buildings in Val d’Or, supported by a research and development team in Quebec City. The ELTEC Series designed for their performance and built to last, make of Technologies Element PSW Inc. a legend in the forestry market.

Since 1980, Les Abatteurs Jacques Element Inc. has been working in wood harvesting, logging roads construction, and gravel and trees transportation. Currently, the company employs more than 100 employees in order to manage effectively the forest cutting market. Skilled and competent mechanics in Québec and Ontario ensure the heavy duty equipment’s repair and regular maintenance. In order to offer this good service Les Abatteurs Jacques Élément has several complete and compliant mobile workshops.


Foresco is a company highly qualified in the research and manufacture of forestry equipment, as well as the mining equipment. Foresco has the expertise to repair, modify and transform all kinds of machinery such as scoops, tractors, cages, etc.


Hydraulique Val-d’Or is a very dynamic company. Its service quality is recognized not only in region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue, but also in Ontario and James Bay. Hydraulique Val-d’Or stands out from its competitors thanks to its solid experience and reliability. The company’s field of expertise is very broad, but it is mainly specialized in the manufacture, modification and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic parts, as well as in the sale and design of hydraulic systems.


When Equipment Element was founded in March 2002, the new company’s mission was to take charge of all that were built and left by Donat Element & Fils, including forest market and heavy machinery maintenance. With its highly skilled team of machinists, welders and mechanics, Equipment Element has positioned itself as a leader of heavy equipment market such as harvesters, transporters, graders, loaders and more.