Technologies Element PSW Inc. is a division recently created by the Group Element. By uniting their strengths, the companies of the Group Element became first-line players in the region and in the province. Besides being a leader of the forest sector, the Group Element is specialized in the sale, the repair and now in the manufacturing of superior-quality heavy equipment.

At Technologies Element PSW Inc., we believe that being the best is a daily job. All of our departments work closely together in order to keep innovating machines’ design and manufacturing.

The mission of our company is to support loggers and contribute to the continued success of their projects. We have all tools for that: high technology equipment manufactured in Quebec and great expertise in the forestry field.


Today, the five companies of the Group Element include:






In 2011, Technologies Element PSW Inc., directed by Patrick Élément, bought from Volvo their division of feller-bunchers and started manufacturing forestry machinery. Previously, the feller-bunchers were all produced in Korea, but now, three models of the feller-bunchers under the brand name ELTEC will be made in Val-d’Or, a first for the region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue.

It is in two buildings of more than 21 000 square feet as well as a research team and development in Quebec City that the whole production of the ELTEC will take place. The objective of Technologies Element PSW Inc. is to supply more than forty ELTEC feller-bunchers / harvester carriers in one year under a very precise line of assembly. With more than 40 employees on staff, several other employments will be created in the next years to come.

The ELTEC series are designed for their performance and are built to last.